Five Fun Thematic Ideas for Decorating a Party Bus for a Buck’s Night

A party bus is a great way to move from location to location during a buck's night or weekend. If you are spending a lot of time on the bus, consider decorating it in a fun, thematic way. If you are planning a buck's night, there are countless ideas you can explore. Take a look at these concepts:

1. Relaxing Adventure

Even if you cannot take a buck's weekend to Thailand, Indonesia or the groom's favourite island, you can still inject the flavour of those places into your buck's night. To do so on the party bus, buy some decorations and snacks that mirror the culture of the country in question. Then, display them in the bus to induce holiday-like relaxation in between stops.

2. Wild Dancing

If the spouse-to-be doesn't mind and the buck is interested, turn the party bus into a wild dance party. Talk with the bus company about whether or not they can add a pole to the bus -- many companies offer this add-on.

If so, show the groom how much you love him by choreographing a pole dance with the rest of the guests on the party bus, or hire a professional pole dancer to regale you with their talents.

3. In the Bush

A buck's night offers a groom-to-be the chance to say goodbye to single life, and that can include saying goodbye to some of his hobbies. If he loves hunting, consider turning the party bus into an adventure in the bush.

Decorate the walls of the bus with cuddly toys made to look like stuffed animal heads. Then, bring a few hunting video games to play in between stops. Add other hunting decorations or pictures of wild animals in the bush to complete the decor.

4. Vegas, Baby

You certainly don't have to fly halfway around the world to enjoy the pleasures of Vegas. Instead, turn your party bus into a virtual casino. Hire a party bus with tables, and invest in some cards and chips. Then, whilst you're in the bus riding from the restaurant to the bar or to other venues, you can play a few rounds of poker, blackjack or your favourite games.

5. Light It Up

You're proud of your friend, and you want the world to know he is getting married. To draw attention to yourselves, make your party bus a bit brighter with twinkly lights. If the hire company allows it, you can wrap the outside of the bus in twinkly lights -- just make sure that you have a battery pack so that they run. Then. brighten up the inside with cool lights as well.

For more ideas on decorating a party bus and making the most of your buck's night, contact a party bus hire company.