5 Important Considerations When Choosing A Transport Company

If you are seeking certain kinds of transport companies, it is essential that you undertake all the due diligence needed to ensure that your goods are transported in the best possible way. However, not many people know what this entails. That is, what to consider or to look for apart from prices and the destination. Below, find the 5 most important considerations you need to make.

Transport service packages

Most transport companies offer different transport packages for their customers to choose from. These packages are there to provide more flexibility in terms of the transportation terms. For example, some goods may be transported as urgent. This means that they will be transported immediately and will cost more to send. When choosing a transport company, find out what packages they have and make a decision depending on what your needs are.

Backloading services

In transportation circles, backloading refers to the practice of loading goods onto the back of a truck to fill up any leftover space or loading goods to a truck as it makes its return trip after a transport run. Backloading has the advantage of offering a cheaper transportation solution, provided the opportunity presents itself. If you're looking to save some money on transport costs, ask your transport company about backloading.

Prohibited goods

Every transport company has a list of prohibited goods that cannot be dispatched for legal reasons. This includes items such as ammunition, delicate items, stolen items, etc. Each company has their independent list of such items. To avoid breaking the rules and dispatching an item on this list, ask the transport company about their prohibited list and cross-check your goods against it.  

Insurance protection

Another very important consideration is insurance. An insurance cover from the transport company is vital to ensure you get compensation should your dispatched goods get damaged while in transit. This includes cover against fire, theft, vandalism, and other risks. If sending something of value, ask your transport company what insurance measures they have in place.


The other consideration anyone planning to use a transport company should check on is storage services. Sometimes, people seeking transportation services also seek storage for their goods. If you need or think you may need a storage service, ask about it as you search for a transport company. Find out where the storage centres are, what the charges are, etc.

Another consideration you may need to make at this point is to decide whether to use a courier company, a freight company or a standard transport service.